Our products have exclusive core
electromechanicaltechnology in the field of hair dryers
Our products have exclusive core electromechanical
technology in the field of hair dryers

From design to production and sales, we provide one-stop service

High speed hair dryers are widely used equipment in modern industrial production, which can quickly accelerate and spray air out for drying and cleaning.

Phase 1: Concept and Design

1.1 Research and Market Research

1.2 Determine technical specifications

1.3 Design and Modeling

Phase 2: Raw material procurement and processing

2.1 Selecting Suitable Materials

2.2 Processing and manufacturing of components

Phase 3: Assembly and commissioning

3.1 Component assembly

3.2 Debugging and Testing

Stage 4: Quality Control and Certification

4.1 Strict quality control

4.2 Certification and standard compliance

Stage 5: Marketing and Sales

5.1 Market promotion

5.2 Sales and after-sales service

Marketing customization